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What makes timber decking especially durable

Published / by Bob

As the number of people turning to hardwood timber decking increase, so have the number of professional companies that provide these services. Finding a company that offers a wide variety of decking finishes and deck construction options can be a challenge, especially in a town where the number of people who are skilled at woodworking is small.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the time it takes to find a local company. Cool as patios and decks provide a service called “one-stop shopping”. This means they consult, design and build your new deck to your specifications.  

By offering this service, it can help to make your selection process much more streamlined. Here are some of the characteristics that make hardwood timber decking the best choice for almost any kind of deck project.

The first characteristic is that the wood decking is exceptionally durable. It’s also straightforward to work with and comes in a variety of types, finishes, and variations.

Next, the decking contains very little water and resists water damage very well. Because of this feature, it’s less likely to rot in humid climates and is perfect for anywhere water is used frequently. As long as you keep the deck dry, the wood will last a very long time.

The company also collects a small repair and permit charge, and you won’t have to pay a contractor’s fee for the installation. The client’s workers usually complete the installation and trim work. As a result, most of the work is completed for free.

If you’re building a deck out of pre-finished planks, like plywood or OSB, your friends and family will be able to tell that you don’t know what you’re doing because they’re just going to put on the floor again. However, by using hardwood decking, you’ll be able to guarantee the project’s quality.

Although more expensive than wood, the vinyl decking offers many of the same qualities as hardwood decking. However, the vinyl is less dense and more susceptible to rot, which makes it an inferior choice for most applications and will need yearly decking oil applied. Vinyl decking is often just as long-lasting as hardwood decking, but the maintenance costs are slightly higher.

While hardwood and vinyl are similar in many ways, they are each also very different from one another in many other ways. In addition to the cost of labour, the price difference between hardwood and vinyl may be determined by the design, the type of knots, the finishes, and the deck type. Different species of wood and different finishing methods add to the cost of hardwood timber decking.

When decking is compared to railings, both of which are made of a core material and are made to resist corrosion, those that have come from the same area tend to cost more than those that have come from different parts of the country. However, if the decking has a design in mind, the cost savings will be more considerable. For example, it will cost about one-third of the cost of asphalt shingles to make a two-sided wooden deck.

All decking styles can be made of wood, UPVC, or recycled plastic. Whether you’re working with recycled plastic, timber, or UPVC, there is a specific type of material that will work for you. 

Even if you’re looking for the best decking materials for your project, several factors can influence your choice, including budget, design, size, and style. By considering all of these factors, you can get the best decking that you can afford and still get the type of wood decking that you want.