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Different Types of Wastes

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Hiring a skip bin service, skip bin hire Melbourne is one of them, can be very tough because you have to keep in mind some of the important tips and tricks. You must know that which type of skip bin you are going to hire for a certain job. If you’re going to remove the waste of your construction yard, then you might probably look for big size skip bins. If you just want to remove the waste of your garden or the domestic waste, then you might look for some moderate size skip bins. The thing that depends is the “type of job” you want to have and that further depends on the type of the waste you want to remove.

So, we are here to let you know about some of the common types of waste and will suggest you which type of skip bin you must go with.


Household Waste:

The most common type of waste is the household waste. As the name suggests, the household waste includes all the waste that is related to the household. The broken toys, cardboard, office stationary waste, egg shells, spoiled food, and many things like that are included in the household waste. These types of wastes can be easily removed from your location by hiring a Marrel. It’s the most commonly used skip bin and luckily, it’s affordable as well. You can get rid of all the household waste in just a few bucks.

Green Waste:

This type of waste gets accumulated when you renovate your garden or you polish some of your trees and plants in your garden in order to get rid of the extra branches. The extra grass of your garden, the trimmed branches, and the dead leaves can cover a huge amount of place and you must get rid of this waste material. To remove green waste from your area, you must go for Marrel as they are easy to hire and they can easily handle such type of waste.

Mixed Heavy Waste:

The mixed heavy waste includes the waste that is accumulated from the construction site, the broken bricks, and all the other waste material that is related to construction. The waste from the hospital can also be called as the mixed heavy waste. You can get rid of this type of waste by hiring Hook Lift Skip Bin, The waste is firstly accumulated in a trolley and it’s then attached to a truck to take it away from your location.



The large, extra, and unused sheets of fibers from an industry are listed in the category of the asbestos. The asbestos waste must be removed from the living areas as it contains harmful elements that can cause serious health hazards. In order to get rid of asbestos waste, you can hire a Mobile Skip Bin or you can also go with the option of Hook Lift Skip Bin. Both of the choices are best to handle such type of waste.

These were some of the important and commonly accumulated waste and you can go with different options of skip bins by keeping in mind your requirements and the type of waste you want to get rid of.