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7 Things You Can Throw In The Skip

Published / by Bob

Clutter undeniably has a way of clogging up not only our home and garden but also our lives. There is nothing worse than trying to find your car keys in amidst a pile of your baby’s toys, for example, or an important letter among a pile of old newspapers and magazines that you can’t even remember why you kept in the first place. Clutter often takes on a life of its own and has a way of spreading from room to room and even the garden.

The average garden shed is usually stockpiled with clutter that people are never likely to need or use again, things like old broken tools, cracked plant pots and rusting bicycles. According to local Melbourne business Titan Skip Bins, many of the items may have have some sentimental value, and they can be difficult to part with. That’s why hoarders have such a bad time getting rid of possessions Others, however, are just pure clutter. If you want to reduce some of the clutter in your garden, but you are not quite sure where to start or what to throw away and what to keep, consider these seven things you can throw in the skip today.


There is absolutely no reason for keeping old broken pots unless you are planning to go for a very pronounced rustic look in the garden. Many garden pots are made from ceramic and clay and can be very sharp and dangerous when broken, so on top of taking up a lot of space, they are also a potential health hazard, particularly around young children. Bin the lot of them.


Old broken or rusting garden furniture not only takes up a lot of space in your garden, but it also looks quite unsightly, plastic or metal, modern or vintage. You may have a sentimental reason for hanging on to it but remember, if it no longer serves a purpose, it’s just clutter. You might remember your granny sitting in a particular chair, for example, but if that chair is now rusting and broken, it’s just unnecessary clutter and yet another health hazard. You either need to pay to have the chair repaired and restored or skip it.


Garden sheds have a way of accumulating off-cuts of wood that you keep imagining might one day come in-handy. Before you know it, you’ve virtually got your own small timber yard going on, and you are still to get around to using a single off-cut, whether because you don’t have one the right size or you still haven’t got around to starting the project you initially had in mind perhaps. Despite your good intentions, the chances are you won’t get around to that project, so skip the lot or give it away to someone who can make use of it.


If ever there was a definition of clutter, it is broken tools. A tool that is not fit for purpose is not really a tool, so why are you holding onto it? Have you promised yourself that you are going to one day fix that doorknob, perhaps? Or get someone to look at the faulty electrics? Have you already replaced it but just hanging onto the old one as a backup, when you eventually get around to repairing it, that is? Stop deluding yourself, gather up those old broken tools and skip the lot of them. Treat yourself to some new ones.


Old toys like bicycles, trampolines, swings and slides can take up a lot of space in your garden. If they are still being used, but they are old and worn, they could even be dangerous. It would help if you regularly inspected any toys in your garden as a matter of course, in order to ensure that they are fit and safe for any children to use. If the toys are not used anymore, consider donating them to a family that could make use of them. Alternatively, skip the lot.


Hosepipes generally aren’t built to last. They begin to wear and become quite brittle in parts with regular use, eventually leading to splits and tears that render the hose practically useless. Many people end up buying a new one and throwing the old one in some forgotten corner of the garden rather than simply throwing it away. Unfortunately, when a hosepipe is compromised in such a way, the damage is usually irreparable. You may be able to patch it up temporarily, but the patching probably won’t last because of the water pressured through the hosepipe when in use. You know what to do, pick it up and throw it in that skip!


Ornaments can make excellent features in the garden: a birdbath or a small statue, for example. However, unless you have acres of ground in your garden, please don’t overdo it with ornaments. That garden is going to start looking untidy fast. We’ve all seen the gardens overrun by gnomes, for example. While these might be to some people’s taste and provide a talking point for your guests, they can make your garden appear smaller than it actually is and somewhat untidy, particularly as they starting wearing a bit and losing their color. If your garden is full of ornaments, consider donating a few to neighbors or friends or simply disposing of them.